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Here’s What You Should Never Do When Meeting Anele Mdoda

Here’s What You Should Never Do When Meeting Anele Mdoda! Celebs are just like us, they have normal lives, run errands, attend weddings and all that normal stuff.

We’ve heard a lot of celebs complain about how fans come up to them on the streets making demands and being over friendly. Whilst we’re not sure if there should be a how to react when seeing a celeb in public manual, Anele is sharing what she doesn’t like when fans spot her.

Anele shared how a woman came up to her and hugged her from behind and then got mad when Anele told her it wasn’t cool. “Yesterday a lady came from behind me and hugged me from behind. Complete stranger. She then is baffled when I am not happy with that approach as she just simply wanted a picture. Guys…imagine if 100 people did that to me daily. It’s not right. It will never be okay,” Anele shared on twitter.

Anele went on to ask why it should women feel it’s okay to do that when if a man had done that it would be called sexual harassment. “She really was so bewildered when I told her it’s not on. Boundaries please guys. I always ask before I touch someone. Even a child. I say can I give you a hug,” she added.

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