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Gayton McKenzie Threatens Julius Malema

gayton mckenzie
This week started off with motivational speaker and author Gayton McKenzie writing an open letter to the outspoken leader of the EEF Julius Malema. In his letter Gayton McKenzie refers to Julius Malema as a fellow thug saying that if he’s a thug then they are both thugs in their respective area’s.

McKenzie titled the open letter to Malema “Thug to Thug”   he then continues “Dear Fellow Thug”

“Julius Malema, our Commander in Thief, you haven’t held back in expressing your disdain for me. So allow me to respond. Pull up a chair.”

Apparently Malema did not pay any attention to Gayton’s open letter and said he’s not worried by anything Gayton McKenzie has to say about him.

McKenzie then took to twitter to let everyone know how he feels about Malema’s “rejection”.  He then continues to threaten Malema saying that he’ll release the evidence he has on Malema after SONA and see what thug Malema has to say then.
Check out the tweets from Gayton McKenzie below:

Watch Out Julius…


My Fight Is With The Thugs…

Now all we can do is wait and see what EFF leader Julius Malema has to say to Gayton.

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