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Euphonik Claps Back At Troll Making Fun Of His ‘Round Face’

Euphonik Claps Back At Troll Making Fun Of His ‘Round Face’! Euphonik is the king of clapbacks and it seems trolls never learn.

The DJ was recently attacked by a twitter troll who made fun of how Euphonik looks saying, “There is absolutely no reason for a face, a whole face to be round. No face should be this round. @euphonik do something about this emoji looking face.”

In response Euphonik told the troll to focus on his own life saying he was absolutely in love with how he looks. Yaaas king!

Do what? Change how God made me look? Are you mad? I’m happy and content with everything about me. I’m absolutely in love with my round head. It’s mine not ours 🌚Focus on your own life and looks. Imagine fighting how God made you 😂,” Euphonik clapped back. What a way too keep it classy.


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