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Diski Divas’ Felicia Modise Has Love Triangle Drama Too!

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Where there’s a Diski Diva involved there always has to be some drama!

These ladies have been making news headlines a lot lately and trust us none of the headlines have been good. If it’s not the Kat and Wendy and Nonhle drama it’s Kat involved in a love triangle and now this?

Felicia Modise has found herself a new man and she’s been oh so in love with him but surprise, surprise apparently he’s not all hers. In Sunday’s (31 May) episode of Diski Divas Felicia was flaunting her man Joe Kazadi but, Daily Sun reports that Joe is in a serious relationship with a woman named Reine Maudi.

A source told the people’s paper: “When you ask Joe what’s going on between him and his girlfriend, he says it’s complicated. He says they are always fighting and she wants to control him.

“He says Reine is jealous of all the girls Joe hangs out with. At this point, he is enjoying his blossoming love with Felicia.”

The source continued: “Joe hates feeling like he’s owned. He is young and feels he is allowed to see whoever he wants because he isn’t married.”

Daily Sun approached Joe to find out what he had to say about the matter he told the paper that he loves Felicia: “But I’m not allowed to talk about us, so no comment.”

According to the paper Felicia was unaware of Joe’s girlfriend and she had this to say when they told her about Reine: “What? No. Are you serious? I didn’t know that! When it comes to the show, I can’t say anything because it will ruin the next episode.”

Where there’s a Diski Diva, there’s drama!

We just found a new slogan for them. LOL!

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