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Dineo Ranaka Says South African Men Are Cowards!

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Television presenter and reality show star Dineo Ranaka during a very passionate interview with Drum magazine, about the recent xenophobic violence, said South African men are cowards.

The ‘Dineo’s Diary’ star has been very vocal on social media about her condemnation of the recent spate of attacks on foreign nationals in SA, and says it is because the respective fathers of her two children aren’t South African.

Speaking to Drum magazine, 31-year-old Ranaka explained: “I have two children – a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. My son’s father is Zimbabwean and my daughter’s dad is Namibian. This is why these xenophobic attacks hit closer to home for me.”

“I can’t protect my children from anything – I just want them not to forget their family values as they grow up,” she added.

Ranaka, who has never been known for mincing words, also went on to say that South African men aren’t even half as resourceful and hard-working as men from the rest of the African continent, who she says show a lot of guts by moving to a completely foreign land with nothing to try and make something of themselves.

“It’s something that our men are unable to do because they are cowards,” said the presenter.

“Instead of going out there to find jobs and means to sustain their lives, they go out and kill people who are trying to better themselves and improve their circumstances. The people come here because we are like the America of Africa – the land of opportunity.”

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