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Details On Zoe Mthiyane’s Alleged Drinking Problem

Details On Zoe Mthiyane’s Alleged Drinking Problem! The actress is reportedly struggling to control her alleged drinking problem and sources say it’s her co-star boyfriend who is to blame.

Mthiyane’s problem has allegedly started affecting her work as she often forgets her lines or even misses work all together. Zoe has reportedly stalled production on SABC 1’s, Generations: The Legacy due to the drinking problem.

According to Sunday Sun, her relationship with Rapulana Seiphemo off screen is hanging by a thread, as things between the two are no longer rosy.

Who knows, things might be okay for them in the future if they get the help that they need. If Zoe does have a drinking problem, then the first thing that she needs to do is admit to it. Once she admits to it then she can get the help she needs.

There are many things that she can do to help her with her drinking problem. For starters, she could stay at a place like this Austin halfway house, or if she would prefer to go it alone, then she just needs to make sure that she is surrounded by friends and family who support her. It’s tough to go about this sort of thing alone, so it’s a lot better to have your friends and family supporting you completely.

We’ve just got to wait and see what happens though, as you can never know what is actually going on inside someone’s head. Hopefully, she is doing all okay though, and hopefully, her relationship will fix itself.

It’d be a shame for their relationship to end, so we can only hope that they fix it and find a way to work and deal with any problems that they might be having.

Both stars have yet to comment on the allegations!

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