Denise Zimba Shows Off Her A**!…She Stays Slaying Though.

Miss Denise Zimba!!! We really missed you ma.

When it comes to slaying Denise always does it best. The V-Entertainment presenter and Generations actress has never been one to be shy to show off her body and all the areas that she’s gifted in. Nothing new…

Miss Zimba’s Throw Back Thursday pictures are pictures of her in Miami and New York in 2013, 2 years later and her body is still so stunning!

All we have to ask is; can we pretty please be your traveling buddy Denise? Like, when are you ever home though?

Check Out Denise’s post below…she stays winning!

Remember This?…

Denise Zimba 7

I’m In Miami B…

denise man

#TBT – How I miss #Miami #USA2013 ❤️

Easy Does It…


#TBT New York City 2013 !! Return to the States underway 😋👍

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