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Denise Zimba Reveals The Real Reason Why She Left VUZU

It’s getting spicy and worth sipping all the tea as Denise Zimba reveals the real reason why she left VUZU TV. The actress had kept mum on why she left a show where she was much loved. She revealed it all in an interview on Cliff Central with Arye Kellman.

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“I was bringing in ratings for that company. But when they oversee you‚ at some point you need to acknowledge your worth. Be honest with yourself and as disappointing as it is do what you need to”, Denise said.

Denise says she couldn’t continue knowing she was growing and she wasn’t much of a priority to the channel. “If you are not going to utilize me or see my worth at some point I’m going to do what I need to do for myself”, she said.

“For me personally‚ I didn’t feel like they had my best interest at heart. For someone who was ranking in the ratings‚ no recognition. No nothing.”

And speaking of the whole industry as a whole it looks like Denise is disappointed by people who run it. “Im f***en disappointed in this industry and by the people who run it. There’s no credit where credit is due. Thankfully I’ve had specific people who have been in my journey and put me on platforms. No corporate or endorsement deal will ever come my way. I don’t know what it is‚ I don’t know if it’s something but I’m that girl.”

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