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“The Baecation Was My Treat To Congratulate Cassper”

Remember when Cassper and Boity went on their much publicized baecation soon after Cassper filled up the dome? Boity opened up about the baecation and is setting the record straight on who paid for it. Whilst most people think it was Cassper, Boity says the baecation was her treat to congratulate Cassper on filling up the Dome.


Speaking to True Love Magazine, Boity says the event (fill up the dome) took everything from them as a couple and she wanted to save her relationship.

“The holiday was my treat to congratulate him for #FillUpTheDome. I also planned it because I felt he and I were fizzling out fast. I needed to do something to salvage our partnership. The event took everything from us.”

The actress says she had to be supportive and remain silent because she didn’t want to stress Cassper as it was a big achievement for him. “I felt how it was crippling our relationship, but I kept mum. I didn’t want to add more stress and strain for him.”

There you have it people, Boity makes her own coins, not everything she did with Cassper was paid for by Cassper.

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