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Dawn Thandeka King Reveals Who Her Favourite TV Mom Was Growing Up

Dawn Thandeka King Reveals Who Her Favourite TV Mom Was Growing Up. May is the month dedicated to all the mothers and caregivers. The relationship is so wonderful to see between a mother and her children, even if it just for TV and entertainment sakes. Former Uzalo actress Thandeka Dawn King recently bagged a new role on the new Mzansi Magic telenovela DiepCity, and she has wowed the masses with her talent.

The actress recently sat down for an interview with DSTV about what being a Tv and real life mom means to her. According to the actress her role as Thandiwe on the Black Brain production is a hard core mom who still battles to find closure about her younger son’s death. Dawn shared that what differentiates her parenting style to that of her character are their life circumstances however, they do agree on wanting the best for their children.

I am currently playing Thandiwe on DiepCity, a tough mom who blames her daughter (Nox) for her youngest son’s death. Thandiwe’s circumstances have influenced her parenting skills and that makes her different from me. The one thing that I have in common with her is wanting the best for my kids, no matter what it takes” Dawn said.

The actress revealed who her favourite TV mom was during her years growing up, which happens to be veteran actress Daphney Hlomuka who plays the role of Sis May on SABC1′ S’gudi S’Naysi. According to the actress, what she liked most about the character was her maternal instincts irregardless of the fact that she had no children.

 “Sis May from S’Gudi S’Naysi. Sis May wasn’t actually anyone’s mom, but she was very motherly. I liked her, and Clair Huxtable from the Cosby show who was also a great mother” Dawn said.

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