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Comedian David Kau ( @davidkau1 ) Goes All Sbu On Us!…

About that Forbes Cover, David Kau just had to make a little joke out of it. South African comedians never shy away from the topics that make headlines all week, David just jumped right in there with this one.

Yesterday DJ Sbu and Forbes ‘made peace’ and all Sbu had to do was take down the Forbes cover from all his social media account. As soon as the issue settles David decides that he’ll raise it again, this time in his own way.

This morning Kau posted a poster on Twitte, the poster was very similar to the Forbes cover that “featured” DJ Sbu. Kau basically posed exactly like DJ Sbu holding a cup of “MoJokes” he calls it.

Can somebody say LOL!

David Kau…

david kau

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