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Chomee Opens Up About Why She Left Arthur

Chomee Opens Up About Why She Left Arthur! Arthur Mafokate’s reputation with women is not one of the best but after news broke that he had assaulted his now ex girlfriend and former artist Cici, his rumored ex Chomee defended him.

Now Chomee is sharing her own reasons why he left Arthur. “I really need to learn to start doing certain things on my own. I’ve gained so much experience in showbiz, especially because I got into the industry as a kid. I don’t want to say a lot, but watch this space,” she said.

But sources close to both Arthur and Chomee revealed that her departure was fueled by all the Cici drama and a new hot female singer Cindy Nene who recently joined Arthur’s label.

“Losing Chomee puts us on a back foot. But she’s been badly influenced and the sooner she realizes this, the better,” Arthur’s manager, Brian Mokoena was quoted saying.

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