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Cassper’s Best Friend Carpo Says Cassper Saved His Life

Cassper Nyovest’s real life best friend Carpo has opened up about him and Cassper became the inseparable BFF’s and shared details of their bromance. Cassper’s best friend Carpo says Cassper saved his life.

Cassper's Best Friend Carpo Says Cassper Saved His Life
Cassper’s Best Friend Carpo Says Cassper Saved His Life

Speaking to Slikour, Carpo says he became close to Cassper after losing his parents, his dad (in 2007) and his mom (in 2008). Cassper’s BFF says if it weren’t for the rapper, he probably wouldn’t be alive.

“I went to Cassper’s house, and he was like ‘I’m with you forever,”’ he recalled. “I went to Maftown and Cassper said to me, ‘Please don’t leave me’…I put my bags down, I said I’m quitting school, because of my brother. My brother didn’t pay [my] school fees.”

Carpo says him and Cassper used to imagine the life they are living now and would pray everyday about it. “Then I stayed with Cassper at my house in Mafikeng. We used to eat fatcakes everyday. Cassper was like, ‘One day, we’re gonna go far. One day, we’re going to make it’. I’m like ‘Dawg, let’s pray’. I sat down with Cassper and we prayed every single day, from Monday to Monday.”

He also opened up about how the dark period in his life could’ve destroyed him if it hadn’t been for Cassper. “That boy changed my life. He’s the reason why I’m who I am today. If it weren’t for Cassper, I promise you, it’s either I was going to be dead or suicidal.”

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