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Cassper Nyovest A Little Upset Over Media Not Giving Him Recognition For His R100 000 Donation To Zimbabwe!

cassper donation

Firstly we would like to say; hey Cassper, okMzansi actually did write about your good deed!

As we all know Cassper Nyovest received a few threats from Zimbabwe before he went there to perform. One threat reading “Stop Xenophobia on your country or you are not welcome here”. Cassper didn’t take these comments lightly but did everything he could to get Zimbabwe back on his side.

I mean the guy even tweeted in Shona just to prove that he’s on their side. Cassper donated R100 000 to the Siyakhula Distribution fund in hopes that his contribution will help those from Zimbabwe who were affected by the Xenophobia attacks.

A fan took to Twitter to point out that the media is quick to judge celebrities for their faults but never praise them for their good deeds. Cassper then agreed with this fan and also said that if fans see a celebrity doing good maybe they would be inspired to do the same.

Do you agree with Cassper? Does the media not pay too much attention to the good that celebrities do?

Check out some of Cassper’s Tweets surrounding the issue below…

Good Deeds…

cassper 100 000 donation

Words With The Ambassador…

cassper and zimbabwe

Media Never Loved Us…

cassper and zimbabwe man

Headline Lies But Never The Good We Do…


We Are Bullied…


We Are Major Influences…


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