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Bucie Open Up About Why She Hates Fame

Bucie Open Up About Why She Hates Fame! Just over a year ago, the singer announced that her album Rebirth would be her last and she would be taking time to enjoy being a mom and wife.

In a recent interview on Power FM, the singer explained why she has come to hate fame so much despite wanting it when she started her career.

“I grew up wanting to be famous. I think what I wanted was to be famous and everyone to know me. All I wanted was to be famous then. Now it is different. Now I want nothing to do with fame. I just want to sing and have no one know the face behind the voice. It is so exhausting,” she said.

In an interview back in 2017, Bucie shared how cutthroat and mean the industry people can be. “If someone is not your blood relative‚ they aren’t your family‚ she says. It’s a cruel industry and you realise that those who have made it and who you look upto are the very same people who oppress you”.

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