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Boity Reacts To Fashion Designer Quiteria Dragging Her In To His Fat Shaming Drama

Boity Reacts To Fashion Designer Quiteria Dragging Her In To His Fat Shaming Drama. The streets of twitter are still grilling fashion designer Quiteria of Quiteria And George for his insensitive comments to Lesego Tlhabi.

A demotivated Lesego took to twitter recently and off loaded the nightmare which was her dress fitting at the designers shop, who decided to fat shame her in front of everyone, leaving Lesego’s self esteemed beyond crushed.

Since the media personality shared her distasteful experience with the designer, the whole of twitter and celebville have been showing their support to Lesego, whilst others have shared their equally as traumatic encounters with the designer.

Quiteria has since responded to the allegations in a five part InstagramLive video claiming that he will do no such thing as apologising because according to him he did nothing wrong, nor did he call her “fat” to her face.

In one of the designers emotional rants about the incident, he mentions that there is nothing wrong with the term fat and he has styled many “fat” women before Lesego and continued to name the celebs.

Quiteria went on to mention other so called plus sized celebs he has worked with which include Boity, Terry Phelo and Dineo Langa. He specifically singled out the rapper claiming that she was never a size 20 when he met her.

“Even Boity Thulo when she was at my house, she was a curvy women with a Mkhaba (pot belly)” he said.

Boity has now responded to the mess that ended in her being an example, questioning why she was even mentioned in the situation. Boity’s cousin Thick Leeyonce whom is no stranger to being fat shamed also commented on the situation extending to her sympathy to Lesego as she too has undergone the same fate within the fashion industry.

“This whole Quiteria thing is so frustrating. Fat phobia still reigns supreme in our local fashion industry. I hope Lesego is okay and I’m glad she shared her experience cos it really be like that” she wrote.

Is it us, or is this guy digging an even deeper grave for himself?


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