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Watch! Fashion Designer Quiteria Responds To Lesego Tlhabi Fat Shaming Allegations

Watch! Fashion Designer Quiteria Responds To Lesego Tlhabi Fat Shaming Allegations. The plot thicken to the story of the body shaming allegations against local fashion designer, known for being one part of the Quiteria and George design duo.

Yesterday, Trending SA co-host Lesego Thlabi vented on twitter about the nightmare session which was her dress fitting. According to Lesego’s tweets, Quiteria deliberately fat shamed her in front of people in his store and also used an insensitive term to refer to her.

According to Tlhabi’s detailed experience with the designer, the encounter was beyond appalling and has since affected her self esteem. The TV personality also mentioned that Quiteria was briefed before hand about her dress size, so in actual fact the distasteful incident was in fact deliberate.

“So today I went to a famous designer who was told my sizes way beforehand because it’s for TV. Does he not then declare very loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he has nothing for me & then uses words like “fatty boom boom” to describe how I’d look in the designs” she wrote.

Since Lesego decided to name and shame the culprits, the comedy and designer have since been trending on twitter for their very sour encounter, however Quiteria was determined to get his side of the story across to the people on InstagramLive.

His attempts weren’t exactly welcomed in the best manner by tweeps, claiming that the designer sounded like he was intoxicated in the entire video

In the entire four part video, Quiteria is hiding his face and his home claiming that he is avoiding anyone from coming to his house and doing unlawful things.

Also in the video, Quiteria shared that in no circumstance did he call fat, adding that the word “fat” isn’t a bad word and he wishes he had said it to her face.

“She’s lying and that’s defamation of character” he said.

Needless to say the designer has pulled out of any partnership he had with Lesego’s employers and wants nothing to do with her.

The video’s seem to have done more harm than good for the designer as other local celebs have come out in support of Lesego, however it’s safe to say the Quiteria isn’t about to apologise for any of it.

Watch the videos below

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