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Black Twitter Reacts To Americans Dragging Anele Mdoda Over Kelly Rowland Comment

Black Twitter Reacts To Americans Dragging Anele Mdoda Over Kelly Rowland Comment. There has been a very hectic plot twits when it comes to Anele’s fate on twitter. This follows her comment about Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland not looking as flattering without makeup as opposed to when she does. South African profusely disagreed with Anele and have since been dragging her on twitter for her comment since then.

Every time Kelly Rowland posted a picture on social media, social media would always make sure to drag Anele into the drama until Americans caught on to the tea. Yesterday, social media was wilding after a post by Kelly where she wore the same swimsuit that Anele wore on her vacation in the Maldives. Mzansi is convinced that Rowland was sending Anele a message with the post, following her uncalled for comment about her looks.

That was until American twitter caught on to the smoke that Anele was getting, and rallied together to defend one of their own. American tweeps have been circulating both pictures of Anele and Kelly rocking the same swimsuit, sharing how Anele called the Motivation hitmaker ugly and was dealt with accordingly by Kelly. Unfortunately that is not where the dragging ended as the trolls soon assembled to bully and body shame Anele about her weight and looks.

A few tweeps went the extra mile claiming that Anele has a striking resemblance with Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson. A few Anele supporters including Pearl Thusi pointed out how unnecessary body shaming is no matter what the action was but most people in Mzansi have decided to take their silence and watch Mdoda catch all the smoke from American twitter.

Checkout the tweets below

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