Black Twitter Calls Out Jackie Phamotse For ‘Fake Crying’ For Nomuzi

Black Twitter Calls Out Jackie Phamotse For ‘Fake Crying’ For Nomuzi! First of all we didn’t realize Jackie had a friend in the showbiz industry and for that to be Nomuzi but we learn everyday.

After the Nomuzi accident video went viral and social media was trying to figure out what happened, controversial author Jackie Phamotse shared a video of herself crying for Nomuzi.

Is this the same Jackie Phamotse the “author”. Aowa.😳 #Nomuzi #Moozlie #PrayForNomuzi pic.twitter.com/WXwDHCamKMβ€” Pootie Tang (@Mdudemeister) January 10, 2019

Black twitter was not convinced by Jackie’s tears. Check out some of the reactions below.

As a human you’re so embarrassing @JackiePhamotse wow πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈβ€” Thabo (@Thabo_Guru) January 10, 2019

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ summary! Jackie Phamotse pic.twitter.com/1Kul10yoPgβ€” Moriti (@Dunbun_2) January 10, 2019

Why did you “videorise” this sisi @JackiePhamotse (100 Marks) https://t.co/2pOIM4dIckβ€” 12 January πŸŽ‚ (@Si6usiso) January 10, 2019

Jackie Phamotse needs serious acting classes. #Moozlie #Nomuzi pic.twitter.com/qIxjwDtLdlβ€” Man’s Not Barry Roux ο£Ώ (@AdvBarryRoux) January 11, 2019

“I cry when I want to” by Jackie Phamotse pic.twitter.com/rW4cUFh2T0β€” Nhlanhla Modise Nkosi (@keblackfuse) January 11, 2019

.. Then you get people like Jackie Phamotse pic.twitter.com/TWB4fQsodaβ€” Zukisani Nqakwana (@TazzmanRealist) January 11, 2019

Bathong Jackie Phamotse?? Attention seeking muchβ€” bloom (@TembaMsiza) January 10, 2019

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