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Black Coffee On That Twar With AKA: “I just wish I never even wasted my energy”

Remember that whole Twar that happened between AKA and Black Coffee?

Quick recap: the DJ shared his opinion on what he thought about the Drake vs Meek saga and then he added that, that’s how South African Hip Hop artists should beef with each other instead of having silly Twars.

black my black coffee

AKA was so touched by the DJ’s comments that he came out to attack him and said that he doesn’t believe a house musician should have any say in the state of Hip Hop in SA.

Black was recently interviewed on Vuzu and speaking about the Twar he said: “I look back at that situation and I just wish I never even wasted my energy, you know. I don’t think it was worth it, you know. Uhm… I shouldn’t have responded, you know.”

Yeah, we know…

He then adds that at times you tend to just go with the flow and then later realise that it all wasn’t worth your time.

“I had an opinion like everyone else, I’m allowed to, I put it out there. And you know, this one person was, felt I was talking to him and I shouldn’t have entretained it, man. It was such a waste of time.”

Well we glad we got that out of the way.

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