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So Awkward! Tumi Morake Calls Bonang Fake On Live TV

Oh no she didn’t, yes she did! Can we say, so awkward! Tumi Morake calls Bonang fake on live TV. We were never ready for the comedienne’s straight up talk. Whilst Bonang was excited to host the first ever E! Africa red carpet at the SAFTAS, she did her best to put out a show, Tumi Morake wasn’t buying into it, or did she?


When it was time for Tumi and her husband to be interviewed by the E! Africa host, there was a noticable awkward moment between the two. “I’m such a big fan of yours by the way, I’m fanning out”, Bonang told an unimpressed Tumi who replied, “You fake it so well, I bought it, I bought it, thank you!”

Yea, super awkward. Bonang needs to fire whoever wrote those interview cards they have on red carpets. Check out the so awkward encounter below.

😂😂😂 Tumi

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