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Anele Responds To Atandwa Kani’s Open Letter

You didn’t think Anele would keep quiet after Atandwa’s spicy and revealing open letter, did you? The radio presenter is coming to her sister’s defense and blasting Atandwa for not letting go. Anele responds to Atandwa Kani’s open letter.

Anele Responds To Atandwa Kani's Open Letter
Anele Responds To Atandwa Kani’s Open Letter

The queen of clap backs took to twitter subbing Atandwa Kani and his wife. “I would worry so much if the man I married woke up everyday to speak about his ex wife.Everyday. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday…”

Anele hinted at how Thembisa is not bothered by Atandwa mentioning her name countless times tweeting, “Zonke Bonke Thembisa. Thembisa is out of town working that time.”


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