Anele Opens Up About Her Interview With The Lyons

Anele opens up about her interview with the Lyons and we bet it’s one of the days in her career she will never forget. After interviewing ‘The Empire’ leading couple Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Anele took to Instagram to share what that moment meant for her, you might wanna grab a tissue for this one.


“Taraji did not want our interview to end. The generic feeling is we sounded like old friends. I am super proud of the chat I had with this lady on my show yesterday. I am good at what I do which is a bonus because I love doing it,” she wrote.


Anele says it’s very rare to pin point the day you grow in your craft but it seems she clearly can pin point hers and it was the day she interviewed the two Hollywood stars. “I elevated as a broadcaster yesterday.”

Me : you know Terrence, you are dressed like a school boy, him, well you are dressed like a teacher and I have a crush on my teacher…Me ??? then I’m getting fired for misconduct…the beginning of an awesome chat, at a point we were singing and laughing. So here is the funny story, he walks in earlier than what we are scheduled to commence. Sits down and starts talking about the last time I interviewed him and we are chatting hard and I can see people are nervous because the conversation is gold and it’s not going on air, luckily VUZU is there capturing the behind the scenes and it’s a whole another interview. Brilliant chat on air and off air. Terrence actually requires more energy than Taraji. Taraji is fun and quirky, Terrence is intense and wants all of you. I elevated as a broadcaster yesterday. It’s rare you can pin point the day you grow in your craft. #Empire #LyonsinJozi #947Drive. Interview is on our Facebook page. 947. Well done to the 947 team, it was all a team thing this.

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