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And We Finally Get To See Dineo Ranaka’s New Baby!


dineo ranaka baby

A couple of weeks ago Dineo Ranaka took to Instagram to show us that she bought herself a new car, now the only problem was that all we knew about the car is that it comes fro BMW and we’ve never seen the actual car.

Dineo has slowly but surely made her way to the top of the media industry and she’s done all of this by simply being herself, no pretend games etc. Her success comes from having 4 successful seasons of her reality show and launching her own clothing label.It’s great to see this young lady find her feet on her own.

The best way people in the industry show off their success is with the cars they drive and we finally get to see Dineo’s new baby!

New Baby…

dineo ranaka new wheels

Car So Nice…

dineo ranaka new wheels 2

Bath Time…

carwash dineo ranaka

Can our nice things be washed thank you #clubmotorsrandburg for such nice things

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