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AKA Hands Over His Twitter Account To His PR And Management Team

aka bye bye twitter

As we mentioned a couple of times before AKA is the funniest rapper we have in South Africa and well his Tweets basically showcase his humour on a day to day basis.

If you want to know what’s happening in AKA’s life, trust us check his Twitter or Instagram pages, this man puts all his thoughts out there and he honestly doesn’t care who he touches.

The week started off with people feeling a little offended over AKA’s post of crayfish and he basically had a condescending attitude towards King Pie. Let’s just say AKA’s tweets always get him in a little trouble.

AKA just tweeted that he’s handing over his Twitter account to his PR and management team so he can focus a little more on his music career and delivering music to his fans.

What a bummer…we’re honestly going to miss AKA’s humour on our TL. We can’t wait to hear what the King Doro is cooking up for us.

Tweets Cleared…

aka ground rules

Time To Work…

aka thanks for the support

Take It Up With My Management Team…

aka hands over

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