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AKA ( @akaworldwide ) Decides To Quit Smoking!

aka quits

AKA is slowly but surely becoming a new man day by day.

First he cut the beef he had with Cassper Nyovest and with the news of him being a father to be, AKA even bought himself a new home in the North (maybe him and DA LES want to raise their kids together? Who knows.)

AKA has been mentioning in most of his Tweets and Instagram posts that he doesn’t have the time for certain petty things anymore because he has a baby on the way. The rapper even pulled away from celebrating April Fools Day and more recently he decided to hand over his Twitter account to his PR and Management team to focus more on his music.

Now one thing we didn’t really know about is AKA’s smoking. AKA took to Instagram to share another change to what we call his resolution list, King Doro has decided that he’s going to quit the smoking…well sort of, he’s replaced his smoking habits with an electronic cig. It is well known that high quality e liquid manufacturers like Nasty Juice have proven to be very effective in helping people quit cigarettes. At least he is making the transition, which is better than nothing. Using vaping equipment might also be a good way to stealthily medicate, for those looking at this from an alternative health perspective – this may lead people to check out Slickvapes.com and the methods of using dry herbs and waxes. Maybe you’re reading this and know that because of your excessive smoking habits, this has had an effect on your teeth and health overall. If this is something you can relate to, knowing that there are options such as Dentist Kennewick if you’re thinking of getting teeth whitening treatment so you can get the smile you have always wanted. Maybe you’ve even thought about switching your cigarette for a vape, just like AKA. Either way, as long as you are improving your health, that is what is important.

Either way, it’s a huge step and we’re pretty sure DJ Zinhle appreciates the little sacrifice her man has decided to make. Certain vapes such as The latest vaporizer from DaVinci – the DaVinci MIQRO could be another way people like DJ Zinhle can find an alternative to smoking!

AKA’s Insta Post…

aka quits smoking

Decided to quit smoking. @twispcig … Gonna try my best.

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