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5 Hot Photos Of Actress Lunathi Mampofu And Her Man

5 Hot Photos Of Actress Lunathi Mampofu And Her Man! The actress recently celebrated anniversary with her man sharing some sweet words with the help from ‘The Notebook’.

Lunathi has previously shared how she met her man saying they met in a restaurant thanks to their love for food. The actress’s man works as a production designer and art director in the film industry. We love how authentic and cool the couple comes across on social media not to mention they are a hot couple too.

Check out their hottest moments on the gram in photos below.

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β€’ B E C A U S E I T S M O N D A Y β€’ 🎬Kissing scenes 🎬: the peck, the closed eyes, the lips, the passion, the motion, the connection, the expectations… the what what… the everything!!! Who cares…!!!! just do it… just be in it!! To my kissing partner here… my co actor… hi, you are it! I forgot quickly, i kissed slowly, i laughed uncontrollably, and Ill never forget anything that makes me smile … by Audrey Hapburn Thanks to that slow kiss that made my heart beat 100 times faster!!! You’re taking my MCE… and coz Uyathandwa #kissing #mcm #passion #us #justthetwoofus #weareit #love #bestfriend #kissingbuddies all day everyday #mcm let’s do this again some time… 😜

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