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10 Times Cassper Burned AKA On His #Dust2Dust Track!

When it comes to this beef it’s pretty evident that when reconciliation day comes this year, Cassper and AKA will definitely not be all lovey dovey with each other.

aka and cassper best mates

With a number of people really being over their drama, others feel that its good for the music industry and keeps things a little interesting.

We all know that AKA fired the fire shot this time around when he released his ‘diss’ track Composure. The rapper later claimed that it wasn’t really a diss track and that he was just rapping about where his life is at currently. Well with that the track made it to number one on iTunes in just 2 hours.

We woke up to Cassper’s response titled #Dust2Dust, with other saying it’s great and others calling it a gossip column report.

Regardless, the Maf boy really fired hard this time and we know that most of you will agree. Check out the 10 times we think the rapper really went in hard below:

10. First Shot…

AKA in hospital

“Everytime you tweet something and delete it I forgive you because I know it’s not you it’s the cocaine.”

9. Really, Derulo?...

aka performing durban
“Oh you mad they never showed you love like they did Cass Or cause you own non of your music even your diss track I’m filling up the Dome in a few bruh you kidding you opening for Jason Derulo.”

8. On The Baby Mama Of 2…

aka and zinhle movie night
“Send a shout to Zinhle at the awards Cause you were jealous Bonang would rather be seen with D’Banj Zinhle left you in public and I don’t blame you sis They say it’s nearly to raise 2 kids when 1 lives in a movie and he just don’t wanna man up in his head he thinks he needs a real super mega.”

7. D**k Riding…

AKA Goes Kanyee
“First it was Khuli Chana then it was LES I wonder whose dick you gone suck next.”

6. The Side Chick Burn…

aka bonang
“You bout to get schooled by a drop out Bonang will never ever come out in public With a little broke druggie I’d be shocked if she does it.”

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