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DJ Sbu Not Worried About Kaizer Chiefs As MoFaya Expands Into Swaziland!

sbuda looo pete

One person that is always calm during a storm is DJ Sbu. Honestly, even when he was in shaky water with Forbes, Sbu didn’t seem too bothered.

Last week it was rumoured that DJ Sbu got three Kaizer Chiefs players in some trouble with their marketing director Jessica Motaung, after the DJ convinced them to pose with MoFaya T-shirts on and merchandise in hand.

Yesterday, news surfaced that the soccer club will be suing DJ Sbu after he used the image to market his product without the clubs consent. (Read the full story here.)

In addition to the law suit, the club fined the three players that were involved in Sbu’s marketing stunt. However, it seems that the DJ is unfazed by the drama that surrounds his energy drink.

Sbu took to Instagram to share that he was in Swaziland recently and the King has approved of MoFaya being sold in his country. Along with the great news followed an image with the caption: “I will NOT lose! I’m a born winner.”

 I Will NOT Lose!…

Meeting With The King…

Thank you to His Majesty King & Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso for welcoming us in their home & sharing their priceless wisdom. We’re more than honored, humbled & inspired by your blessings to do business in SD! MoFaya Beverage Company business ethos are carved around the spirit of Unity, Peace and Love. These 3 pillars are significant in embracing the spirit of humanity, forgiveness and Ubuntu which yields a positive and harmonious environment where individuals and nations thrive and progress. The South African Government is currently on a big drive to promote beneficiation and create black industrialists and our initiative fits hand in glove with the South African government strategy. Our aim is to not only assist the South African Government but African Governments at large in creating sustainable jobs and creating new entrepreneurs along the way. With our expansion plan throughout our neighbouring countries, Swaziland included, we aim to partner with local entrepreneurs. In Swaziland, we have demonstrated this by partnering with New Creations Entities which is a Swaziland based start-up company created by and led by extremely passionate, focused and smart youth who are all under 30 years of age. We decided to empower the Swazi youth and take the painful route which will yield young entrepreneurs. MBC’s business model is pro-empowerment and pro-ownership and that is why we form partnerships that focuses on having locals, esp. youth, taking active ownership rather than promoting consumerism which most companies do, sadly. Our aim is to promote a culture of buying proudly African goods, creating a culture of producing our own products as African entrepreneurs with a business model that benefits the end consumer in mind through social entrepreneurship. Wisdom says “No matter how poor we are, how the world talks about you, and says everything about you, it ought to make you keep your head up for the rest of them. We should never have words against one another. We should always say the highest thing about a brother or sister. If one is down the gutter, don’t ever shove them any farther.”

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