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Zola Nombona Ventures Into Shape-wear Industry

Zola Nombona Ventures Into Shape-wear Industry! Beyond the beauty of Zola Nombona, there is a strong woman who has admirably constructed a secure profession backed by family, followers, and prestigious honors. The actress has extensive experience in a variety of fields, including television and movies, and she has added business woman to her already impressive list.

Zola has ventured into the billion dollar industry of shape-wear launching her own range called LXVE. The actress took to Instagram sharing her joy over her new business venture and sharing a sneak peek of what to expect.

“Ndinyembezana looking at this picture as it means so much to me. It’s a physical manifestation of my dreams, hard work, falling, getting up, fighting and perseverance. This is LOVE. Today I am happy. I can finally introduce you guys to this dream of mine that I have worked so hard to make a reality. We’re a movement that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes while prioritising good quality, great functionality and comfort,” the actress detailed.

Zola’s partner, actor Thomas Gumede was one of the first to congratulate her on the new venture tweeting, “You’ve worked so hard on this! I’m very proud of you look I would wear this shape wear just to feel the material on my body,” to which Zola responded saying, “I love you so much. Thank you my King.”

The actress recently announced her return to acting in April saying, “Back at my acting job and it feels so good. Also, can we have a moment for my hair,” she wrote but many are distracted by her looks.”

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