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Zahara Says Hands Off Nhlanhla Nciza In TS Records Drama

Zahara Says Hands Off Nhlanhla Nciza In TS Records Drama! On Wednesday Zahara went on Metro FM exposing TS records of which TK Nciza and DJ Sbu are the executives.

Zahara claims the record company owes her millions and that she was underpaid during the years she was under the label. The Award winning singer didn’t hold back in how she has been mistreated by TK and DJ over the years and wants people to know the truth.

Asked why she had stayed with TK and his wife singer Nhlanhla Nciza for a long time when she was making her own money, Zahara quickly defended Nhlanhla saying she was still like a big sister to her and shouldn’t be included in the mess.

“I don’t want to implicate Mam’ Nciza (Nhlanhla), she’s not involved in this. She’s still like my big sister even now. Even though she kept quite even though she knew. But she never treated me ill, even when I posted this (the scandal on Instagram) she was the first one to like,” Zahara explained.

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