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You Tried The Wrong One: Lerato Sengadi Details Her Dramatic Mugging Incident

You Tried The Wrong One: Lerato Sengadi Details Her Dramatic Mugging Incident! Lerato Sengadi is the latest victim of attempted mugging during the quiet lockdown.

Sengadi gave us a play-by-play on twitter of how a ‘punk’ tried to jump her but ended up running for the hills. While Lerato was on her morning walk the man clearly thought that the publicist could be taken for a ride and attempted to strip her off her belongings.

Little did they know that Lerato has a little bad to her bougie and she unleashed the inner kasi girl from within and let’s just say that it didn’t end well for the robber.

According to Lerato, the man escaped in an Uber and now she wants the man to account for his actions, inquiring the transport service if the car that the man escaped in belonged to the company on the social platform.

This morning on my morning walk I was jumped by a bitch ass punk trying to mug me!The lil bitch didn’t know that I may look bougie but I’m from the hood! And that switches on in a heartbeat! U tried the wrong 1! He escaped in a white corolla HY27DS GP! @uber is this car 1 of urs” she wrote

Sengadi has also recently just won the court battle against her now deceased husband ‘HHP’s’ family as she was previously not acknowledged as his wife therefore prohibiting her from making any spousal decisions.

Can a girl just catch a break though?

By Sinakho Mandla

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