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WOW! Black Coffee And Mbali Mlotshwa Are Expecting More Than One Baby!

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Mbali Mlotshwa has to be one of our favourite preggy mommy’s at the moment.

Even though the ‘Coffee’s’ are currently living it up in New York City Enhle still manages to keep her fans up to date as to what is happening in her life.

Now, we’ve all been stuck on whether she’s expecting a girl or a boy meanwhile Mbali found out that she’s expecting more than one baby!

That’s right, Mbali and Black Coffee could be expecting twins or even triplets we’re not too sure.

Mbali took to Instagram on Monday to reveal the big news in a 3 part video. We’re honestly so excited and can’t wait to meet the new additions to the Coffee family!

Check out Enhle’s cool video’s below…

Hi, I’m Enhle…

I have a secret part 1. #simplylive #SEpreggoz #simplylove #simplyenhle 🌸🎓

 Enhle’s Secret Is…

I had a secret part 2…. For the full video go onto my Facebook page Enhle mbali Mlotshwa #simplylive #simplylove #SEpreggoz #simplyenhle 🎓🌸

 There’s More Than One Bambino!…

Part 3 #simplylive #SEpreggoz #simplylove #simplyenhle 🎓🌸

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