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You Won’t Believe How Much Skolopad’s Semi-Nude Dress Cost

You Won’t Believe How Much Skolopad’s Semi-Nude Dress Cost! Controversial self proclaimed Kwaito singer Skolopad made headlines again this past weekend when she showed up half naked on the SAMAs red carpet. Whilst her outfit landed her on the worst dressed list, it doesn’t mean she spent a little on it.

Normally stars end up looking not o great on red carpets because they can’t afford the designer stuff. But in Skolopad’s case, the more expensive it is, the uglier the dress looks.

According to Skolopad, the one legged lace jumpsuit cost her a cool R7, 500 and it was made by local designer from Qwa Qwa.

Skolopad showed up on the red carpet where she had everyone’s attention with her odd poses. “I designed the outfit and at the last minute Monadecious [Designs] did it for me. I didn’t go with yellow because I didn’t want to be predictable but of course my butt tattoo had to show so my ‘serope ka ntle’ (thigh out) design was born,” she said.

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