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The Woman In Pastor Zondo’s Video Demanded R100,000 From Him Before Leaking It

Gentlemen, I think it’s quite clear from the beginning of a relationship what your woman is after and if she’s after the money…LET HER GO!

Well Pastor Zondo learned this the hard way and it was too late to let here go.

We all remember the leaked nudity video of Pastor Zondo parading around his home on the phone, apparently the woman filming the video is a longtime lover of Pastor Zondo’s and she demanded that he give her R100,000 or she releases the video. Judging by the fact that we’ve all seen the video it’s clear what went down here.

According to Move magazine, Pastor Zondo was in a relationship with the lady behind the camera.

Move also adds that the woman that leaked the video is a teacher who began bribing Zondo with the video shortly after she filmed it in his home.

The loving teacher apparently demanded R100,000 and when Pastor Zondo failed to deliver to her demands, she threatened to post the video on social networks.

“When Zondo could not stand the teacher’s threats anymore, he threatened to report her to the police,” a source told Move.

The woman, who is reported to be heavily indebted, after her failed attempts of bribing Zondo then sent the video to Pastor Zondo’s adversaries who also tried to blackmail the Pastor to no avail.

The video is out now and NO ONE got rich from it. Any ways…as you were!

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