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We’ve Finally Figured Out Who Simphiwe Ngema’s Bae Is, It’s Rhythm City’s Dumi Masilela!

It’s been about a month since we’ve told you about Simphiwe Ngema and her Bae.

The last time we spoke about the actresses love life she was giving praise to her Bae and showing him some appreciation. (Read that story HERE.)

We’ve spent quite some time trying to figure out who the lucky guy might be and well we’ve had some help but we’ve finally figured out who Simphiwe’s Bae is!

dumi and simphiwe

You guys know Dumi Masilela who plays Sifiso on Rhythm City, right?

Well it turns out that Dumi and Simphiwe are an item. Yes, you read right the two have been together for quite some time now, almost a year if you really sit down and go through their Instagram accounts.

Sunday Sun also reports that they’ve been spotted kissing and snuggling on numerous occasions.

The two have also been spotted picking each other up from work and holding hands at Clearwater Mall.

A source tells the paper that the two are very much in love and that things are getting serious: “They’re in love and always together. They’re practically married and live together.”

Another source reveals that the two met through a friend and hit it off immediately.

“It was love at first sight! They like being together. Neither of them likes the media or being in the public eye. They’re a young couple and look great together. They have a bright future ahead of them,” the source said.

When Simphiwe was contacted for comment she said: “Write whatever!” and dropped the phone. Dumi’s phone rang unanswered.

We did some snooping on their Instagram pages and look what we found:

This Is Love…

Uhmmm, Same Camera, Same Hands, Same Hair..

Createsmemories that give u a better tommorow

A photo posted by Dumi Masilela (@dumimasilela) on

Cute Things Only…


If you can love each other like this through hard times then you know it’s real.? A photo posted by Simphiwe Ngema (@simzngema) on

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