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‘We’re Ok,’ Linda Mtoba Shares Traumatic Husband’s Hijack Story

‘We’re Ok,’ Linda Mtoba Shares Traumatic Husband’s Hijack Story! Linda Mtoba, her husband and mother are doing just okay after a horrific weekend.

The actress took to twitter sharing how her husband got hijacked and was kept in the boot for two hours as the thugs withdrew cash and got away with some personal belongings.

“Still battling to grasp my head around it all. My husband was hijacked at gunpoint put into the boot of the car they made cash withdrawals. They had him for over 2 hours. Dumped him entuzuma. Took his shoes jacket wedding band watch, everything,” she shared.

Linda shared that she is grateful he was not hurt. “My husband myself & my mom are ok. It’s all Gods grace honesty. There’s no other words. I’ve been crying the whole morning police stations & hospitals. But we’re ok,” she said.

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