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Watch! Unathi Reacts To Finding Her Car ‘Keyed’

Watch! Unathi Reacts To Finding Her Car ‘Keyed’! Idols SA host and singer Unathi recently had her car keyed and instead of going off, she had a calm response that wouls make anyone stop and think.

Speaking in the video in which she showed her keyed car, Unathi questioned why there is so much hate in the world instead of people working on themselves to be happy and why someone would choose to destroy other people’s property.

“Hurt people HURT people. How much hurt are YOU admitting to carrying when you KEY a persons car on a MONDAY MORNING. YOU clearly feel DEFEATED by me and you don’t have the COURAGE to tell me. Happy Monday depressed one. And THANK YOU for making me know I DEFEAT you,” Unathi captioned the video. Watch below.

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