WATCH: Ugly Zimbabwean Man Angry For Not Walking Away With ‘Ugliest Man’ Title!

We’ve seen a number of crazy competitions over the years but, who would have thought that the day would come where someone is fighting to be the ugliest man?

ugliest man

A 42-year-old unemployed Zimbabwean man walked away with $500 prize money for being the ugliest man in Zimbabwe. Mr. Maison Sere, who is missing a number of teeth and pitched to the ‘pageant’ in torn overalls beat 5 other man for the title of Mr. Ugly.

A former win of the competition was angered by the judges decision stating that it’s unfair that Sere won because, ugly means “ugly from birth and not having a few teeth does not mean you are ugly.”

Things got so serious at the competition that even some Zimbabweans are angered by the judges decision calling Mr. Sere too handsome to be Mr. Ugly.

Yes guys, being ugly is a thing in Zim.

Mr Ugly

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