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Watch! MaMkhize Addresses Alleged R200 Million SARS Tax Evasion Claims

Watch! MaMkhize Addresses Alleged R200 Million SARS Tax Evasion Claims. Shawn Mkhize has been involved in a scandal alleging that she owes SARS (South African Revenue Services) R200 million in taxes. The reality has since had an exclusive interview with SABC news channel to address the allegations.

In a previous post, the reality star spoke of how people live to see the downfall of others as trolls celebrated the news of her business allegedly getting liquidated, whereas over 4000 people would be at risk of loosing their jobs, but thankfully the liquidation rumours are false.

“Why other people want to gloat and be excited with one of their own (black child) downfall and failures if I was really in trouble my company was liquidated why would one of our own be excited with the fact that I was going to fall instead of thinking about the 4000 people that they were going to loose their jobs how many families were going to be impacted by that ” she wrote.

During the interview MaMkhize declared war on SARS for these alleged allegations as she is innocent. Shauwn didn’t dispute the fact that she is owing SARS for her unpaid taxes, but the amount is far less than R200 million.

The businesswomen states that her grounds of appeal to the court is that these figures were supposedly not included in the report from the Tax Appeals Court when they reached an agreement.

Mkhize states that she is not at all a tax evader and is not too worried about the consequences that may affect her other successful businesses.

“Incase you miss it ,First part of the tell it all and setting the record straight …….. I will not allow them to walk all over me my fighting gloves are Ready for anything and everything even if I become the enemy of the STATE so be it .In the 4 years In question I have contributed 350 million to SARS and I voluntary went to them they didn’t find me running away # kwamammkhize” Shauwn wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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