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Watch! Inside Dineo Ranaka’s Home Coming Celebration Following Her Ancestral Initiation

Watch! Inside Dineo Ranaka‘s Home Coming Celebration Following Her Ancestral Initiation. We have been witnessing more celebs answering their ancestral callings and becoming Sangoma’s to the point where social media dubbed it as a trend. No matter how controversial the topic has become, that has never stopped our celebs from sharing their journey with their followers on social media.

Metro FM radio host Dineo Ranaka is the latest celeb to become a traditional healer and she is now known as Gogo Somahashe. The Sunday World publication recently reported that the mother of three welcomed the gift from her great-great-grandfather from her maternal side after 17 years. The now 37 year old revealed how she fell ill in her early 20s, which led to her hospitalisation and doctors not knowing what led to her illness.

Dineo shared how she met her mentor Dr Ngwato, who has guided her through her journey and has taught her how to channel her gift in the correct way. Now that the formalities of the initiation school are done, it is time to celebrate and ain’t no party like a Sangoma party which looked super lit. The Metro FM host and businesswoman hosted a home coming party to celebrate the compilation of her training.

The ceremony took place outside and was tastefully decorated with flowers and a white backdrop. Dineo wore her red and black traditional regalia to sing and dance with her guests. All the people who played a vital role in Gogo Somahashe’s journey were all there to celebrate with her and they had a good old time singing and celebrating together.

Dineo opened up about the hardships of her ancestral journey which requires you to forget about yourself completely however Gogo Somahashe has completed her training and is now qualified to heal people through natural medicines and through the power of spoken word.

We spent a lot of time in the mountains digging trees and being taught natural medicines. As it stands I am a qualified traditional healer, I graduated last week. This means I can heal people through the power of spoken word and natural medicine”  she said.

TV personality Luyanda Potwana also recently took to social media to reveal he has graduated from initiation school and is now a qualified traditional healer. At the beginning of the year Potwana shared why he kept his journey private but now that he has received his stripes, he is ready to share his spiritual gist.

Watch the videos below.

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