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Top 3 Bontle & Priddy Ugly Heart Warming Moments On #DefiningLove

Top 3 Bontle & Priddy Ugly Heart Warming Moments On #DefiningLove. We have all been acquainted with how Bontle Modiselle Moloi met her now husband and rapper baby daddy Priddy Ugly 14 years ago and fast fording more than a decade into their relationship the now married couple still give us absolute couple goals.

Yesterday, the couple got the chance to define their love to one another for the whole world to see and we promise you that this one is a tear jerker. To celebrate the month of love and what it stands for we have put together the top three moments during the interview that warmed our hearts and made us believe in the idea that soulmates do truly exist.


Bontle and Priddy have such a chilled relationship as they have developed a friendship as the foundation of their marriage what we find absolutely adorable is their little secret handshake that they do every time they are happy.


When Bontle described their first kiss, it sounded like a fairytale from a Disney movie and she too couldn’t help but scream and blush like a school girl with a crush at the thought of the big defining moment.

You know when you feel that initial slight nervousness or like that quivering of when the lips first touch and then you feel that relaxation and that melting” she said.


The proud parents had the most heartwarming word to say to one another however, what made the masses cry their eyes out was when Bontle revealed that Priddy visits her late fathers grave to clean it and occasionally bring flowers.

“You bring flowers to my fathers grave, you clean it, you talk to him, man you even dream of him so how can I not believe that he brought you to me” she said.

Watch the full video below

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