Top 10 Ugly SA Celebrity Break-Ups

Celebrities like dating fellow famous people because it is just easier, they say. They understand each other’s lifestyle and are less likely to judge. Our question is then, how come celebrities have some of the nastiest and ugliest break-ups ever? Is it the money or is it ego? Check out our top 10 ugliest SA celebrity break-ups that left us in shock.

1. Bonang Matheba & DJ Euphonik

The former couple even made it to the court of law after Euphonik allegedly beat Bonang. It’s safe to say these two powerhouses will never be the friendly exes.


2. Robert Marawa & Zoe Mthiyane

The couple dated for many years and have a child together, we didn’t know how bad it was until Zoey wrote an open letter exposing her ex on how bad of a father he is. Let’s just say it got real ugly.


3. DJ Zinhle & AKA

Despite putting a united front about their break-up in the beginning, things got sour when Zinhle revealed Bonang was the reason behind the break-up.

aka and zinhle movie night

4. Minnie Dlamini & Itu Khune

The couple never shied away from showing some PDA on Instagram, they broke up after Khune allegedly cheated on Minnie with a woman who worked at SABC, the woman reportedly wanted Minnie fired from her SoccerZone job.


5. Lunga Tshabalala & KNaomi

The couple called it quits after Lunga cheated on KNaomi with actress Omuhle Gela, let’s just say twitter was never ready for what happened next.


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