Top 10 Most Hilarious #ZiRightiGirls Memes!

The best thing about South Africans is that we really know how to find humour in each and every situation, even when it’s not funny at all, someone out there will make it funny.

Twitter has become the best way to communicate and to connect with eachother and the hashtag has brought about a new way of making things trend.


We went from #FeesMustFall to #ziRightiGirls real quick as soon as the festive season rolled in.

We took the time out to find some of the most hilarious #ziRightiGirls memes to share with you because after all laughter is something that should be shared. Check out all the memes below:




Nandos Stays Winning…

iAccommodation Yona?…


ZiPasile iGirls…

Click Here For Part 2: Top 10 Most Hilarious #ZiRightiGirls Meme’s!

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Part 2: Top 10 Most Hilarious #ZiRightiGirls Memes!

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