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Top 10 Celebrity Moms And Their Kids!

Since yesterday was Mothers Day we decided to take the time to share a few pictures of our yummy celebrity mommy’s and their kids.

These celebrity moms are some of the moms that make being a mom look so easy on their social media pages. They go from entertaining us on our screens and being full time parents. The amazing thing about these moms is that some of them are single moms and they still killing it!

Check out Top 10 Celebrity Moms And Their Kids!

Gail Mabalane…

gail mabalane

Gail has never looked prettier, definitely one of the yummy mummy’s of the year.

Nonhle Thema…

nonhle thema 55

Nonhle really loves her daughter, not a day goes by on Instagram where we don’t see her.

Dineo Ranaka…

dineo r

Miss Ranaka and her family drama. Besides her mom constantly taking her kids away from her Dineo really loves her kids and does everything for them to keep them smiling!

Mbali Mlotshwa…


Pretty mom Mbali! She has the most fun with her kids. We look forward to seeing the new baby as soon as they’re born.

Nolo Phiri…


nolo phiri

Nolo Phiri superwomen on our screens and for her son!

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