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‘This Show Is Not A Tabloid Fest,’ Pearl Thusi Hits Back At Her Critics

‘This Show Is Not A Tabloid Fest,’ Pearl Thusi Hits Back At Her Critics! The first season and first few episodes of ‘Behind The Story’ had critics praising Pearl for her great interviewing skills and how she manages to relate to her guests so that they can spill the tea.

But it seems the critics have since changed their tune on Pearl with the past two interviews in which Pearl interviewed rapper AKA and Kelly Khumalo. Critics on social media feel Pearl is holding back and not asking questions people really want answer on.

Pearl took to twitter Thursday morning to respond to her critics saying the show was not a platform was not for her to attack her fellow black brothers and sisters and it was not about what she thinks but the story behind the celebs.

“This show is not a tabloid fest. I will not use this platform as a sensationalist platform to attack my black brothers and sisters and break them down. I’m celebrating them while I get to know and understand their story. It’s THEIR STORY. Not mine, and my feeling come second,” Pearl tweeted.

“And to expect me to ambush my guests or make them feel attacked by my line of questioning will never happen. To change their opinions or stories with my feelings or moral ethics/code is not what the show is about. Its called behind the story, not what Pearl thinks,” she added.

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