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Thando Thabethe On The Sacrifices Her Mother Made For Her

Thando Thabethe On The Sacrifices Her Mother Made For Her! Over the years we’ve seen how close Thando is to her mother. A few years ago she bought her a brand new car and she often shares heartfelt messages to her.

In a recent public shoutout to her mother, Thando shared how much her mother had scarified for her to live her dreams and how she’s her hero for it.

“My mother took an early retirement so that she could use that money to get me through varsity, I then decided that actually I wasn’t going to be an accountant. Instead I was going to be on TV and radio. She then would park her busted, old Audi, without a heater in the coldest of winters and sit in the parking lot while I do a grave yard radio show that wasn’t even mine. I have never quite grasped how forward thinking and mentally liberated she must have been to not only be ok with my “wild” dreams but to actually get behind them and be my biggest supporter. I love you mom,” Thando wrote.

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