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Tbo Touch Is Over All The People That Want His Job: “It’s draining every day to walk into a building where everyone wants to be on your show.”

Tbo touch and floyd Mayweather

It seems that Khanyi Mbau really knows how to get that heat out of all these celebrities, right?

We seldom see Tbo Touch interviews in publications or on TV but when the man does speak he’s always so honest about his career and the way he treats the industry and the challenges it throws at him.

On Monday evening Touch took some time out to chat to Khanyi on her show Katch It With Khanyi and boy oh boy did the man have a lot to say. Touch opened up about quite a number of things down to sharing that he throws away demo’s that he gets from aspiring radio DJ’s, OUCH!

“If people are too busy to try and reach out to you, you’ve got to give them a reason to need you. Every day after my show, there are guys asking me to listen to their demos and I tell them the truth, I tell them that I’m going to throw away your demo as soon as I get into my car.”

Basically the King of radio said that it’s better to shut down young ‘talent’ by being honest and real with them in the early stages of their careers. He added that it’s better to let them know that their marketing is lacking instead of selling them dreams.

“First of all, my car doesn’t play CDs and if it does, it’s not demos. Two; your presentation did not sell. So the upcoming musicians/unsuccessful conscious movement of South Africa don’t like Touch because Touch is about business. I tell them straight. You are not going to sell yourself looking like that.”

In the interview with Khanyi, Touch further revealed that there are a number of radio DJ’s that are gunning for his job and he’s really over it because he knows that he’ll always have his spot on Metro.

“It’s draining every day to walk into a building where everyone wants to be on your show. I’ve seen proposals of DJs presenting to management on how they’d do the afternoon show.”

“Every year it’s been that way, I’ve been there for 10 years and there’s been a petition to disrupt my programming and it failed, not because of who I know but because when everything goes back to basics it boils down to relationships and what are you bringing into that space and people don’t understand that.”

Uhmmm so there you have it folks…if you thought Touch was leaving Metro any time soon, think again.

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