Students Given Two Options: Stay A Virgin Or Lose Your Bursary.

Now we’ve read about a number of bursary rules and regulations but, this is definitely a first for us.

A number of people work hard to secure their future but who knew that keeping your virginity was the quickest way to get a varsity education?

16 young women received the Maidens Bursary Award from UThukela District Municipality for remaining pure, and the one condition that came with the bursary is to remain pure to keep the bursary.


Times Live reports that in addition to that one condition, the girls will have to undergo a virginity test every holiday to ensure that they are not sexually active.

Municipality spokesperson Jabulani Mkhonza shares that more than 100 matrics received awards from the municipality, including those that aren’t virgins for excelling in their matric year.

A total of 113 pupils from various schools received bursaries from the municipality.

Mkhonza further adds that the purity bursary was UThukela District Mayor Dudu Mazibuko’s idea.

“Sixteen of these bursaries went to the girls for still being virgins. However, in order to keep their bursaries, these maidens will have to undergo a check-up every holiday. If they lose their virginity, then the bursary gets taken away,” Mkhonza said.

He concludes that the bursary was created to motivate girls to stay pure and focus on their education.

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