South African Pastor Sthembiso Zondo Caught N*de On Video


Firstly, there’s honestly nothing wrong wit walking around YOUR home naked right? I mean it is YOUR home and one should always feel comfortable in their own home.

We honestly see nothing wrong with someone parading around their house letting whatever they want to let dangle, dangle. It aint none of our business. The wrong in this instance comes in with the woman that took the video and then decided to share it with everyone in South Africa!! Woman, what’s wrong with you?

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? A video that stars a naked Pastor Sthembiso Zondo, a motivational speaker on one of South Africa’s biggest radio stations has been breaking the internet over the past few days.

Pastor Sthembiso Zondo is commonly known for his popular motivational talks on Ukhozi FM and not for parading the house naked.

The video which is believed to have been taken by an unknown woman, allegedly shows the good pastor wandering around a living room on the phone with his “goods” hanging out

Daily Sun reports that since the video has been making it’s rounds Pastor Sthembiso Zondo has apparently gone underground but ey hiding won’t make the video go off line.

All OkMzansi has to say? Leave the poor pastor alone! You rejoice when Khanyi Mbau breaks the internet nude, let the pastor enjoy being home naked in peace.

And all God’s children say? AMEN!!!

Source: Daily Sun
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